Welcome to Exponare Public. Exponare Public is an Internet application which offers access to Exponare functionality such as a map, zoom tools, feature selection tools, pre-defined queries, etc.
Six demonstration visual styles are available for use. Please select from the following options:
Rest Public Application Style

The new improved UI comes with a clean and efficient public interface. Collapsible panels, tiled approach to get maps being some of them. The interface allows setting layer transparency, layer re-ordering and annotations.

Exponare Mobile

Exponare public is now on mobile. With most of the features of Exponare on your handset, you can use Exponare Mobile anywhere on the go. Exponare Mobile has powerful features like quick info, configurable query/search, measurement and above all the touch support. All this is provided with the tiled approach and has a smooth user interface to fit into mobile devices.

Windows Application Style

A visual style with a similar look and feel to typical Windows applications. This is achieved through colour scheme choices, inclusion of a menu, toolbar and status bar as well as allowing the application to expand to fill the entire window.

Additionally, this visual style is consistent with Exponare Enquiry in its positioning of its banner and panels, making it ideal for minimising training for users who utilise both Exponare Enquiry and Exponare Public.

Windows Application Style in a New Window

This visual style is identical to the Windows Application Style (above) in all aspects except that Exponare Public is started in a new browser window that does not contain the typical Internet Explorer menu and toolbar. This further enhances the illusion of Exponare Public appearing as a typical Windows application.

Simplified Layout with a Custom Colour Scheme

A visual style that offers a simplified layout and a custom colour scheme. The absence of a menu and fixed size work area are more typical of web applications. The use of a custom colour scheme (i.e. one not consistent with the Windows colour scheme) is also more typical of web applications.

Alternative Colour Scheme

This visual style is identical the one above in all aspects except for the use of an alternative custom colour scheme.